Alcoholism and its treatment of folk remedies
And, by the way rightly so, now there are so many methods not just bring people out of multi-day binge . but to effectively deal with alcohol addiction. But just…

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Medicine Of Ancient Egypt
Sources for studying medicine of the ancient Egyptians are the archaeological materials (human remains and animals, a large number of mummies), the written landmarks, papyrus, architectural landmarks, with its many…

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Cancer treatment in China
Cancer treatment in China is becoming increasingly popular, global practice, and annually attracts tens of thousands of patients. Traditional and modern Chinese medicine offer patients a large selection of different…

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Medicinal herbs of South America

Currently balsa almost completely disappeared from the forests of America, Wood was common in the forests of South and Central America due to the mass harvesting of roots as medicinal raw materials the number of species South American Forests are located in the Equatorial tropical, Oils medicinal substances, tannin, resin, including chicle ( ) read more Medicinal herb Found in the tropics of South America and the West Indies Active ingredients are alkaloids and bitterness ( Angostura) Communications geologically North America has always been South of unst So destroyed and medicinal plants, Even those which herbs grow in the woods and in our yard the homeland of this plant is South America It is a pleasing ornamental plant is often a Cactus, common in Mexico, Central and South America, ate Flowers, bark made rope, and fruit made of herb medicines of North used for colds Indigenous people of South America had used the plant on long trips, and also as a medicine for quick recovery

Rare plants of the world Central and South America

South American forests – Botanical garden-Institute Feb RAS

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The laws of healing

The national medicine is healing methods, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, entrenched in national traditions and not registered in the order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Traditional medicine

Folk medicine methods of healing are established in people’s experiences, which are based on the use of knowledge, abilities and practical skills in the evaluation and restoration of health. Natural medicine does not involve the provision of services of occult-magical and religious ceremonies.

The right to engage in folk medicine has a citizen who obtained the permit issued by the Executive power body of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation in the sphere of health protection.

The national medicine is not included in the program of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical care.

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Alternative medicine or how to deal with charlatans

What would you think if your child went to institution to learn that amethyst crystals “emit a special energy Yin”, or that cancer can be cured with the help of coffee, injected into the buttocks? What if the student was taught that the heart is not a pump for pumping blood, as suggested medicine for many centuries, as “the head of human thinking and behavior”.

In this scenario, you would have required to return tuition fees. For over a decade “theories” like these have been studied in some state-accredited educational institutions of great Britain. Examples of teaching alternative medicine it was possible to observe Westminster and Edinburgh Medical Universities. Indeed, since the mid 90-ies of the last century, such theories were presented and studied as if they are related to this medicine.

“Non-traditional” (i.e., not based on proven facts) methods in medicine – is what scientists are fighting and opponents of various liteary for many years. Such methods of treatment can seem very harmless and even more convenient compared to conventional medicine. Unfortunately, exactly one: homeopathic treatment methods that are not based on proven facts and data, not only can help in case of any trouble, but also to cause significant predlagam. Continue reading

Traditional healers in the conditions of persecution
Since the advent of "big government" that occurred in Europe with the Roman invasion, and in North America and Australasia with English colonisation, folk remedies treatment at best suppressed and…


Healing and folk medicine
In our time under the healing understand the directions of alternative medicine. Although it would be better to call it "traditional medicine ", because this direction is the thousand-year history.…