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Traditional healers from alcoholism

Alcoholism can be called one of the most significant problems of our time. You can address the question, what is this addiction a serious disease that requires careful treatment or is a consequence of the psychological characteristics of human nature. But is the right decision to help those suffering this affliction.

I suggest healers from alcoholism?

Tales healers with high hopes. It is believed that they can help to deal with their addiction without resorting to medication. Traditional healers from alcoholism often used teas possess a diuretic effect.

In General, their use is justified because they can be used to ensure the excretion of toxins and decomposition products of alcohol. Components of such drinks is quite varied, but the dosage is big enough. You should drink at least 20 cups, so care should be taken so that the tea was pleasant and did not cause disgust neither taste nor smell.

A positive result from the use of herbs in addition to cleansing is the substitution effect. They reduce the craving for alcohol and soothe irritated mucous membranes. This effect and use traditional healers from alcoholism and those katariinanlaakso treatment for a long time have their own recipes.

One of them based on herbs: yarrow, mint, St. John’s wort, wormwood. All the herbs for ease of use join together and are crushed. Tea is prepared immediately before use. Per Cup of boiling water will take a pinch of the herbs.

Another recipe used by healers includes fewer components. Angelica root, juniper cones, root calamus mixed in place and also for ease of use are crushed. Method of preparation similar to that described above.

Tips for using medicinal herbs

In addition to the above gentle methods of folk healers from alcoholism using a method causes a reflex rejection of booze. So, for example, the root of korytnica brewed with boiling water. Enough will be the quantity that will fit in a tablespoon. The composition still needs to cook for 10 minutes. Tablespoon of the resulting decoction is used by adding in vodka. Similar in its action and method of preparation composition is manufactured and, on the basis of the horse ljubistoka.

Compositions similar steps healers prepare and without vodka. As an example, it is possible to call URSI, barometz and Lycopodium. But its use should be treated with great care because the composition toxic. And unlikely recommendations for its use should be followed if it’s certainly not the attending physician.

In addition to these techniques, some traditional healers from alcohol is recommended on a regular basis to eat sour apples, while others are often used in methods designed to cure bee stings.

Whatever the technique was not elected, it is better not to trust blindly the proposed ways of dealing, and get expert advice or even to conduct a survey of the patient.

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