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Recipes health and beauty for hands and nails

Well-groomed and neat nails, smooth skin of the hands have been and remain fashionable and relevant. The need to monitor their condition is dictated not only hygiene, but also reflects love and respect for myself. The skin of the hands was one of the first can tell about the age of the mistress, her bad habits, working conditions and health status.

The thoroughness of the care of hands and nails must never give the appropriate attention paid to other parts of the body.

It is often enough to take measures to avoid the harmful effects of certain factors on the skin and nail plate to prolong their beauty and youth.

Those unwanted of procedure:

– use of various synthetic medium household purposes without gloves;

– prolonged exposure to sun or cold weather without protective means;

– the use of substandard creams and gels;

– non-observance of rules of hygiene when working with a nail set.

In specialized stores you can choose from a large number of masks and serums intended for hand care, however, no one can give guarantee of their efficacy and safety. Therefore, increasing the number of girls to predpochitayut for this purpose, traditional methods, proven and tested on itself a certain number of people. In addition, these tools have one big advantage-their reasonable cost and availability. You can also create and use at home and it was then, when I have the time. Can also look for a good cream

Popular recipes

The softening of the skin

1. The mask is made of carrot.

For softening of rough skin is recommended to RUB finely one carrot, add two dessert spoons of sour cream and a couple teaspoons of olive oil. All of these components must be carefully mixed and applied as a compress on the skin for half an hour. Then remove it with warm water and gently blotted with a dry towel.

2. Mask with the addition of grape pulp.

Good exfoliating action has grapes. Fifty grams of the pulp which is combined with one teaspoon of coffee grounds and one dessert spoon of lemon juice. Initially, the mass is thoroughly rubbed into the skin, and then leave for a few minutes, then washing off with warm water.

Hydration and nutrition

1. Mask based on oatmeal.

You need two teaspoons of muesli pour boiling water and allow to become impregnated with fluid, then add one dessert spoon of honey and one egg yolk. The resulting mass apply on the back of the hand and hold it half an hour.

2. Mask with sour cream.

Sour cream has a good moisturizing effect. To make this mask, you need to mix four teaspoons of sour cream, one teaspoon of honey and one egg yolk. Apply the resulting composition on the back of the hand for a quarter of an hour, and then remove it under running warm water and gently remove excess moisture with a towel.

3. The mask of strawberries.

Mix four ripe berries with one big spoon of curd, apply it on the back of the hand on the quarter-hour and thoroughly washed.

The strengthening of the nail plate

1. Mask on the basis of iodine.

With a brush you need to apply on the nail the iodine twice a week. The brush can be borrowed from conventional varnish, after its clearing.

2. On the basis of gelatin.

Packing gelatin is lowered into the water and allow it to soften and then immersed in the mass of the nails for half an hour.

2. With the addition of olive oil.

Mix five large spoons of olive oil, one dessert of lemon juice and a few drops of iodine In the resulting solution down the nails on the quarter hour. This treatment is better to repeat at least once a week.

3. Based on soda.

First, make a baking soda solution by dissolving two teaspoons of soda in a pint of water, then pour one dessert spoon of iodine and a few drops of glycerin. In this solution was dipped nails for twenty minutes and then removed with warm water.

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