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Medicinal plants in fibromyalgia
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Traditional medicine – alternative medicine

Traditional medicine is one of the oldest methods of treatment. It is part of alternative medicine. What is the difference between traditional medicine from non-traditional? From the moment I became interested in the theme of “traditional medicine”, that was the first question which wanted to understand, because some say that it is one and the same, others argue that these are two different things.

I read a lot of literature, leafing through reference books on folk medicine, reached their conclusion. Still, it is a bit of a different direction in medicine, for example about alternative medicine you can not say “grandma’s recipe”, as it is more complex and broad area. But, everything in order!

Let us consider the detailed descriptions of these methods.

What is alternative medicine

A generic name of methods that claim to cures or prevention of disease. But scientifically not proven the effectiveness and safety of such methods. It approaches to the prevention and treatment of various diseases on the specific tactics that, in contrast to generally accepted medical practice, are based not so much on the study of the causes and mechanisms of disease, but rather on assessment of its manifestations.

Alternative medicine is also known as: alternative non-conventional or non-classical. Sameinterest that most of these approaches have deep historical roots and, technically, are more traditional and classic than the modern traditional methods of treatment, which appeared relatively recently.

Unconventional method of treatment did not exist because scientific knowledge and extensive experience of mankind for treatment of various diseases.

What is traditional medicine

It is part of alternative medicine which includes knowledge about diseases, methods and means of treatment that are passed among the people from generation to generation. Folk medicine uses to treat diseases only natural products. Almost everything that nature gives us can be in the composition of folk remedies. It includes knowledge about decoctions, tinctures, medicinal plants. It is based on the experiences of our ancestors, selected by trial and error popular recipes that can help in the treatment of specific diseases.

Until the late 18th century the healing of the people was not separate from traditional medical what is described in the book of the Basel physician Theodor Zwinger. “Sicherer und geschwinder Arzt, oder vollst?ndiges Arznenbuch” (1684, a second edition of 1748). It was based mainly on the old tenets about the ratio of juices in the body.

By the end of the 19th century, traditional medicine took narrowed, even in the late 20th century, the widespread notion of the term as irrational, based on tradition healers in contrast to traditional medical practice. Concepts such as “folk medicine” and “medical superstitions” are very often used as synonyms.

In your own words:

In non-traditional therapies uses techniques not received scientific proof of the effectiveness of treatment, but which is being used successfully today, in particular, and as a complement to traditional medicine. In folk medicine used experience and knowledge of our ancestors, who for centuries have picked up folk remedies. It is also often used in conjunction with traditional medical practices.

What is the difference between traditional medicine from traditional .

Folk remedies involve the use of natural medicines that contain herbs or positive impact on the body’s natural resources such as water, leeches or sunshine, these treatment methods you can read on our site. Traditional medicine offers medical treatment of illnesses with the use of tablets, the use of a current and other methods.

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