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How quickly to normalize cholesterol

In folk wisdom, there are plenty of recipes and tips how to normalize cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol may be elevated, and lowered – in any case, this deviation from the norm, to fight all possible – medication (under medical supervision) and folk methods.

If your cholesterol is elevated, the patient must comply with a specific diet, look for products which contain special substances. These products are not cheap, and medicines, and not all can afford. But you can save money and do without them, using inexpensive and simple recipes of folk medicine that help to lower cholesterol.

The first one can be treated with linseed oil and flax seeds, which contain so necessary for the cholesterol component of omega 3 – 60%. Healers are recommended to take 1-3 tablespoons of oil every morning on an empty stomach. But Flaxseed is effective in helping with high cholesterol, reducing its level and bringing it to normal. To do this, take flax seed, grind it. This composition can be added to products that are consumed every day in salads, cottage cheese, porridge, mashed potatoes.

It is worth remembering that omega-3 oxidizes very quickly and turns into a very harmful carcinogen!Therefore, crushed flax seeds cannot be stored for a long time – they should be used immediately. You also need to ensure that Flaxseed oil does not taste bitter. Remember – even if you use Flaxseed, you can’t eat a lot of fatty foods, smoked sausage and harmful fats.

Well helps with increased rate of cholesterol lime, dried flowers which are used extensively in the recipes of folk medicine. They need to grind in a coffee grinder until consistency of flour and take 20 minutes before meals, 3 times a day for 10-15 grams. Drink this lime powder with plain water at room temperature. This treatment should last 30 days. After you need to do a two-week break and repeat the 30-day course.

Thus it is necessary to strictly observe diet. Well, if the daily diet are fennel, apples that have a lot of pectin. These products will help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalizes the function of liver, gall bladder and thereby reduce the level of cholesterol.

Important: 2 weeks before the beginning of prima lime flour should be probitsa choleretic herbs: corn stigmas, immortelle, tansy leaves and milk Thistle. Reception is carried out according to the scheme: 2 weeks drink an infusion from one herb, then make a break for 1 week and begin 2-week intake of the decoction of another herb, then 7-day break and the next grass. The herbs for 3 months, helps normalize cholesterol.

Kvass prepared according to the recipe Bolotov, on the basis of Erysimum well in the fight against high cholesterol. Is it a brew with 50 grams of dried and chopped zheltushnik need to take 3 liters of boiled water. The grass is placed in a gauze bag, to which is attached a weight, and fill the bag with hot water. To this mixture was added 200 grams of sugar, 10 grams of sour cream (low fat content). This composition is kept in a warm place for 14 days, stirring every day.

To make this brew have half an hour before meals half a Cup for 30 days. A portion of the drunk kvass daily need to top up with boiled water with dissolved in it 1 teaspoon sugar. From the diet at the time of treatment should avoid foods containing animal fats. The main emphasis on the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, but also seeds, nuts, porridges on water with addition of vegetable oil.

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