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Beauty secrets, traditional recipes of beauty

Traditional recipes of beauty contain many strange, and sometimes stupid advice. Many of them passed down from generation to generation. But in addition traditional, women are beginning to use and modern ” beauty secrets “: of hemorrhoid Cream to combat dark circles under the eyes, hairspray to fix and to fix make up and whitening toothpaste smeared the body to remove the artificial tan. These are just a few of the stupid advice of women, in which they admitted, in the pursuit of beauty.

Other homemade beauty recipes for face and body . announced that 2000 women polled, included such recipes as putting cold teaspoons on puffy eyes to sooth swelling, sleep on your back to prevent wrinkles and much more.

Researchers who conducted a detailed study of the techniques that women use to maintain the beauty, found that six out of ten women use the item found in the kitchen cupboard to look good.

First place was taken by, of course, chilled cucumber as an effective way to soothe the skin and improve complexion. Then there is the lemon for whitening noghteye lighten hair. Strawberry is also named, as a good means of cosmetology, do not forget about the cooled tea bags as a good soothing agent for the skin around the eyes.

Research conducted by the famous company Modern Milk showed that, despite the abundance of modern progressive beauty treatments offered by salons, most women stick to tried and tested recipes of beauty . passed on from generation to generation in the family or gleaned from female friends or colleagues.

A spokesman said: “Some of the cosmetic procedures in the national list quite extreme, and it becomes clear that some women will do anything to look beautiful”

These are, for example, complex and quite heavy “tricks”, how to sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles or spraying on the face with hairspray.

“We wanted to poll women to find out what alternative beauty treatments they use, and whether people use improvised means of kitchen cabinets. Pretty old method, for example, putting cold tea bags or cucumbers on eyes to reduce puffiness, widely and successfully used to this day.

Brushing hair with talcum powder or flour to freshen up the roots of oily hair, using lipstick on the cheeks as blush over – spread techniques used by our grandmothers.

But along with these traditional councils it is a lot more modern unconventional habits undertaken by women in seclusion in my bathroom. The study showed that many shave their legs with hair conditioner to soften the bristles.

Others have admitted that they sprayed lemon juice on your hair in the hope that they will acquire a lighter shade when exposed to sunlight. Someone lubricates toothpaste herpes or redness on the skin, someone sleeping in socks full of moisturizer, for softening the heels. These methods are also widely used.

Regularly used vaseline to smooth out frizzy hair and many women use toothpaste to soothe insect bites.

Smearing tea tree oil ingrown hair and keep the face over the steam of a decoction of various herbs are also included in the list of common beauty treatments at home .

But most bizarre of all, most likely, use of hemorrhoid cream to reduce bags under the eyes.

Women who experimented with it, claim that the cream reduces dilated capillaries on the face, thereby reducing the appearance of dark circles.

We have to take it back. The woman is difficult to stop in the pursuit of beauty.

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