Herbs and medicinal plants
Among the many ways of healing people, perhaps the most pleasant and natural, and to the same and one of the oldest - this herbal treatment. What is so attracted…

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Herbs in Moscow
Since the days of our ancestors, it was decided to collect medicinal herbs, grow them, because then they didn't know that such store where you can buy to be healed…

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Medicinal plants
The section will be given descriptions of medicinal plants. Listed the birthplace and locus of the plants. Their therapeutic properties and used in folk medicine for the treatment and prevention…

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Beauty recipes

Digression…Let’s please be patient and ask a hundred people what they know about the guar gum . If at least one of them will be able to have something to tell you about this substance, then consider that we are lucky) But about the benefits of yogurt is known to all. Any child or adult will say without hesitation that it is useful and pleasant to the taste, improves digestion and removes the feeling of hunger.

To fill this unfortunate gap will help us a mental journey to distant India. It is here that grows a pea tree . which the local aborigines called “guar” . From the fruit get a valuable gum . It is not only widely used in the food industry, but is also an important component of many natural cosmetic products.

Young and clean face skin – an ideal to which women aspire. And, if the Photo is easy to cope with imperfections in life get rid of acne is very difficult. Sometimes, finding the right tool, you have to spend a lot of time and money, because good advertising and price is not a guarantor of efficiency. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, ease of use and safety popularity procedure pinolene . described over a thousand years ago in the writings of Avicenna. Veshestva the mineral composition of the clay help cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Clay mask dry acne, eliminate pigment spots, narrow pores that are the root cause of the formation of new pimples.


Any woman always wants to look attractive, especially if the scheduled date or special event. Despite daily care, swelling and blueness under the eyes are the first reason unpresentable appearance. This prevents not only women, but also young girls.

Inflammation, purulent pimples, acne, black spots — things are unpleasant, but, nevertheless, frequent. Few can boast a perfectly clean skin. Anyone who has faced ever with acne knows that it is better not to push… I wonder how Many stops the idea that a week can be worse? No. Hands reach for this red purulent tubercle timing jumped on my face. In order that we no longer had to fight for the beauty of such radical methods, was written this article, I will tell you about soft and gentle, your skin and nerves methods of folk medicine against pimples .

acne. pimples

I have great respect and interest between people that in 50 years look 35. And it’s true: why physical age of people so deceptive? Many factors, both external environment and internal affect what we look like !

And one thing is clear: being unhealthy is impossible to look young and fresh and Vice versa – a healthy person always looks younger than his years, as evidenced by his alertness and mood, smooth skin and no sagging (believe me, in 70 years it is possible!), the rosy cheeks, shiny hair, joint mobility and energy. To your health we often treat carelessly. But nature has a person to live to over 100 years!

All that you need to consider in diet losing weight.

— Eat a varied! The food must be complete and contain sufficient amount of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts. The fat content in the food must be limited, preference should be given to vegetable oil. It is necessary to reduce the number of easily digestible foods — white bread, pastry, muffin, pasta, potatoes, sweet varieties of berries and fruits, sugar, jam.

Useful if raw eggs?
Today, my dear readers, I publish a guest post. This short article Natalia Arias devoted to curative properties of the eggs. Lately most of us are scared of the cholesterol,…


Traditional medicine of Thailand
What is Thai traditional medicine? It originated on the basis of two historical cultures – Indian and Chinese. From time immemorial, Thai monks passed on their valuable knowledge about herbs…