Medicine Of Ancient Egypt
Sources for studying medicine of the ancient Egyptians are the archaeological materials (human remains and animals, a large number of mummies), the written landmarks, papyrus, architectural landmarks, with its many…

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Shamans against the financial crisis
As said to "New Buryatia" Chairman of the Board of MROS "Tengeri", candidate of psychological Sciences, the shaman Bair Tsyrendorzhiyev, the strongest shamans will pray that there will be no…

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How to treat cystitis folk remedies
Cystitis, or inflammation of the bladder. a fairly common disease. According to statistics, more than half of women because of the anatomical structure, familiar with its painful symptoms. Although the…

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Shamans against the financial crisis

As said to “New Buryatia” Chairman of the Board of MROS “Tengeri”, candidate of psychological Sciences, the shaman Bair Tsyrendorzhiyev, the strongest shamans will pray that there will be no financial crises, people to live in abundance and everyone could realize their potential.

– 4-5 August on Olkhon island in the Khuzhir, we conducted a large international tailgun “Olkhon is a sacred heart of Siberia”, which is famous for the fact that it brings together shamans from around the world. This year tirgan was especially meaningful, he was 10 years old, said Bair Zhambulovich.

Prayer service on the island was dedicated to a 13-year-Khatam – heavenly deities, the sons of the 99 Tengri, who are the founders of all religious worldviews among the Buryats. The worship of these deities reflects the beginning of all religious Buryat tribes, ranging from the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Amur region to the territories of ethnic Buryats. There is very much a lot of the Buryat clans, but the core is agility, bulagari, khorintsy, changodar, Sertoli, sangali. Faith in 13 hatov is the religious basis of these tribes.

These deities are worshipped not only Buryats, but of all the Mongols, especially Oirats, barg, daguru. In General, the Mongolian Pantheon of deities 13 hatov are the protectors of the North side, the North side is considered the most sacred.

The history of telegana “Olkhon is a sacred heart of Siberia” starts in 2003, when the prayer was conducted under the auspices of the scholars who came to study shamanism from the United States, England, Holland. Attended by scientists from Buryat scientific center SB RAS, as well as native American shamans, the shamans of Germany, the Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk region and Zabaikalye territory. About this tilane information spread around the world. In Germany and South Korea were created by the movies about the already historic Olkhon prayer.

This year tirgan visited shamans from Mongolia, Peru, Tuva, Germany and nearby regions.

There is growing interest in shamanism in the West developed neoshamanism based on the shamanism of the Indian tribes. There there are many Western shamanic religious organizations.

– We the third year I go to Germany, hold lectures, give an idea of the Buryat-Mongolian shamanism. Our shamanism appears a lot of fans, said Bair Tsyrendorzhiyev.

Currently we can speak about the formation of shamanism as an institution, are created for organizations and institutions for the study of shamanic traditional practices. And if earlier shamanic knowledge was transmitted from mouth to mouth, now is the time for all this knowledge to canonize.

– We are now in the process of unification. In the old days it was nominated to the Supreme shamans of a kind, said Bair Zhambulovich. – Gathered large supani, which had proposed a large state of shamans. No wonder in South Korea next to the President are the shamans, who help him in politics, they prevent international conflicts, give advice in negotiations. Koreans turn to shamanistic abilities and before important sports competitions, shamans callout luck athletes.

By the way, the religious organization “Tengeri” five years working with women’s national team of Buryatia on free-style wrestling.

– We had tailgun dedicated to buhe Baatar is master of the valley of the Selenga, which is the patron Saint of the military, athletes, law enforcement officers. At the service read about our athlete Lyubov Volosova was in the Russian team at the Olympic games in London. And in the days when she struggled for three days we held large prayer services. The result was a bronze medal won by our borica, said Bair Zhambulovich.

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