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Useful if raw eggs?

Today, my dear readers, I publish a guest post. This short article Natalia Arias devoted to curative properties of the eggs. Lately most of us are scared of the cholesterol, try to consume eggs for food, and even at all to refuse them. And for good reason. It turns out the eggs you need to eat. Why? Read about it in the article, Natalia “Useful if raw eggs?” . Natalia your website “From the world according to the recipe” containing recipes of traditional medicine for various diseases. So, please read.

The benefits and harms of raw eggs

No balls no brains

One of the causes of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease is lecithin starvation of the brain. Perhaps because people torturing themselves to monotonous diets, or maybe they just reduced the digestibility of lecithin the organism. In both cases, health can return to just eating foods rich in lecithin.

In particular, egg yolks are another benefit. He besides brain power and has the unique ability to reveal the lazy sphincter of the gall bladder and reduce bladder, pushing the bile and 12 duodenal that perfectly enhances digestion.

Vain now the people have forgotten such a wonderful dish as the raw egg well in a Cup resultando, preolenna, with the addition of crumbled black bread. In the days when each had their own farmstead with hens, the elderly did not fall into insanity.

Incidentally, the lecithin is probably the only substance that can dissolve sclerotic plaques in blood vessels. Current drugstore “cleaner vessels” type vervain, red clover, etc. not really clean the vessels and increase the flow of blood, reducing its clotting ability. Flowing blood is thus easier, but God forbid, if you hurt yourself, cut yourself, or, God forbid, there is a tendency to internal bleeding!

Another benefit of raw eggs — they contribute to the formation of sex hormones, which is useful at any age, improve memory and intelligence, heals the liver.

But: two yolks a day if every day, then it’s overkill. Because the two yolks daily dose of lecithin. But it comes also with meat, fish, nuts and seeds, with chocolate and with a lot more than. There is a proverb: too good — too bad :). The main thing is to prevent your body harm.

In the refrigerator eggs stored longer if the pointy end down.

Author Natalia Arias

Here’s a small but interesting article on “the benefits and harms of raw eggs”. I recommend to visit her site, there’s a lot of useful information and recipes of traditional medicine. I want to add a little.

In addition I suggest you look at this video about the dangers and benefits of eggs. The material is laid out on the basis of numerous studies, the author of the video gives information about chicken eggs, after learning which, you will know all about them. Including, useful eggs for our health or harmful.


To hard-boiled egg yolk had not the ugly gray of the upper layer, it is necessary to properly boil eggs. You know how to boil eggs? First, put the eggs out of the fridge to warm to room temperature. Then put them in a saucepan, cover with cold water so that it covers the eggs by at least 5 cm and put on fire.

Just don’t go far from the plate. The following rule: how to boil eggs. Wait until water starts to rapidly boil, and turn off the stove. Now, let eggs stand in hot water 10 minutes. After that, cover them with cold water and leave it for 5 minutes. I cooked so the egg yolk will look beautiful in the context.

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