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Socks how to cure a cold?

The flu epidemic in Komi has not yet passed, so “Your Parallel” has collected the original folk methods for the treatment of colds. But you know the measure: at the first sign of illness go to the doctor, who will give the most detailed and the necessary recommendations for treatment. While traditional methods use only as an adjuvant, and also after consulting your doctor.

The complete starvation mode

At the first signs of a cold need to go to full fasting. Nothing to eat or drink from one to two days, not more. And then the body will “ask” to feed him. The exception to this “diet” is water, as the body during illness dehydrated, and absolutely no liquids to provide such treatment it is impossible.

Massage 36

In the beginning of the disease it is possible to carry out so-called “massage 36”. The technique is as follows.

Step one. Relax and vigorously RUB the palms so they become warm.

Step two. RUB your finger over the nose from the nose to the tip 36.

Step three. Push the points of the wings of the nose 36 times.

Step four. Massage the palms line from neck to cheekbones, up towards the ears, over the ears, then behind the ears, then down under the back of the head, with the final pressure on points located on either side of the spine at osnovaniia. And all this needs to be done 36 times.


Grab a pint of beer (only mild!), heat it up to forty degrees and add two tablespoons of honey. The resulting mixture drink in one gulp and quickly go under the covers. The benefit of this beverage is that it acts as a diaphoretic. However, it is better to replace the beer with tea, and raspberry — will be more benefit.

Eastern method

This method is used for cold prevention. Sit in front of a mirror in a Lotus posture, stick your tongue out and paracite: “R-R-R-R”. This should be done one minute, thus changing the intonation. This exercise improves blood circulation in the nasopharynx, which increases the local immune protection, and the person becomes less susceptible to microbes and viruses.

Socks: wet and mustard

Few people know, but even simple socks can help in the treatment of colds. And socks can be operated in a variety of ways. Unleash your imagination and feel free to experiment!

The tool No. 1. The method of “wet socks”

You will need: a pair of their regular socks and a pair thick, warm wool socks, and basins with cold and hot water.

Feet lower in a basin of hot water and your normal socks put in ice water. Then, when you will warm feet, put on wet socks, wrung out beforehand. On top of the wet wool socks dress warm and go straight to bed.

Some go further and prepare a special saline solution for socks. “Salty” also wear wool socks and sleep in them.

Due to the wet socks in the body, increases circulation to warm cold feet. At this point in the body is reinforced to combat the bacteria of the virus, i.e. the immune system becomes more active.

By the way, supporters of this method claim that wet toes can cure not only colds and flu, but even headaches and trouble sleeping.

Tool No. 2. Mustard socks

Everyone knows about the mustard plaster, having a warming effect. Mustard socks are the same. You just need to pour into socks dry mustard powder. The fact that the footsteps of man is full of nerve endings, and if it is correct to affect them, it can be treated from different diseases. For example, the common cold, which is often a symptom of a cold. If mustard isn’t your thing, add in sliced onion socks.

Tool number 3. Very very wild

To coil worn sock. So you can cure the throat. This method was used several centuries ago, when tablets and vaccines and the speech was not. Most likely, worn socks should act as a hot compress. But we urge you, in which case, coil not old socks, a warm scarf, and then a doctor’s permission is not necessary.

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