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Traditional healers from alcoholism

People have many different opinions about alcoholism. Many consider it a disease, some call promiscuity. Despite the difference in opinions, all agree on one thing: alcoholics need to help in all ways and medical, and folk.

I suggest healers from alcoholism?

Healers of the people prefer medicinal teas. The success of this treatment is based on the ability of tea to rid the body of harmful substances — products of decay of alcohol. This occurs through the diuretic effect of tea and its ability to provoke sweating. The composition of the members of the brew of herbs and roots is diverse, but such teas should be with a pleasant aroma, because a drink a day have up to 20 cups.

In addition, flavored tea to reduce cravings for alcohol, creating a feeling of fullness in the stomach. As you know, when alcohol intoxication the mucosa of the stomach becomes inflamed and irritated, remove these phenomena also helps reusable tea.

True hereditary traditional healers of alcoholism have their own recipes for making an anti-alcohol tea. They are checked by centuries of experience and credibility among customers. Below are two common effective collection for tea.

The first gathering. Need stationthere herbs: wormwood, mint, yarrow and St. John’s wort in equal proportions, chop and mix. For one welding it is necessary to take a pinch of the obtained composition at 200 grams. of boiling water. This amount of tea for only one reception.

A second gathering. In this recipe three components: juniper berries, Angelica root, calamus root in equal parts. Brewed also, a pinch of powdered composition per 200 gr. boiling water and also consumed at a time. Repeat the procedure of tea drinking no less than 20 times per day.

Tips for using medicinal herbs

To the alcoholic, have developed aversion to alcohol, healers use decoctions of herbs and roots: 1 tablespoon crushed root of korytnica, filled with water, boiled for 10 minutes and infuse for half an hour, then one tablespoon of broth pour in vodka to the drunkard and give to drink; the same decoction is prepared out of the root of lovage.

Effective and decoctions without vodka: from the leaves of bearberry, grass Baranets Lycopodium. But broth from grass Baranets Lycopodium toxic and need to take prescribed by a doctor.

Some healers claim that help in the treatment of alcoholism bee stings, the constant use of sour apples.

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