Socks how to cure a cold?
The flu epidemic in Komi has not yet passed, so "Your Parallel" has collected the original folk methods for the treatment of colds. But you know the measure: at the…

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Oregano - herb, medicinal properties
Oregano has several names in English, such as: dusmanca, brass color, phallus, motherboard, peppermint forest, zenovka, amulet, bone crunching upland grass. The name of the herb comes from its smell.…

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Healing and folk medicine
In our time under the healing understand the directions of alternative medicine. Although it would be better to call it "traditional medicine ", because this direction is the thousand-year history.…

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Pomegranate: properties and benefits

Pluto loved the young, cheerful Persephone, abducted her, and carried off to his underground Kingdom, and she would leave him forever when she found the mother if not done Pluto to share with her the fruit of the Punic Apple a pomegranate. Among the Greeks and Romans the fruit and the pomegranate seeds were a symbol of marriage.

Garnet beautiful blooms. Its fruit is delicious. However, it is fame that is not only beautiful and delicious, but also brings the individual benefits. How useful pomegranate is known to many, for a long time.

Even ancient people have known about the beneficial properties of pomegranate . They used all parts of this tree: fruit, leaves, bark, roots. Many of the recommendations of modernity about how to use certain parts of the pomegranate, its roots in antiquity. Even the father of medicine, Hippocrates, advised pomegranate juice to treat stomachaches, bark, fruits be applied to wounds to speed the healing. Arab doctors used pomegranate not only in gastric disorders, and headache. The bark and roots of pomegranate is used to expel from the body of tape worms.

Today, traditional medicine widely uses the properties of pomegranate . as, however, and in ancient times. From pomegranate flowers and fruits cook wonderful styptic. White jumper,which is inside the fruit are separated pomegranate seeds, add in teas for highly strung people who need to calm your nerves. Dried pomegranate seeds are used to alleviate menopausal conditions. A decoction of the rind of the fruit to treat diarrhea. The decoctions of bark and flowers rinse the throat with angina and other inflammations. Dilute the juice of pomegranate seeds is very good for burns: clinical trials confirm that over the wound forms a crust, under which impressively is in fast healing of burns.

However, doctors warn all who intend to be treated pomegranate roots and bark: these parts are pomegranates poisonous substance contained therein greatly increases the pressure, respectively, are contraindicated in primarily hypertensive patients.

The use of the pomegranate is undeniable. Besides the fact that it is used in medicine to our days (for example, pomegranate juice is very useful for weakened patients, because not only quenches thirst, but also awakens the appetite, and contains a lot of vitamins), pomegranate juice is used in cooking. Garnet preserves, syrups, prepared from juice, ice cream, condiments. For example, in the Caucasian cuisine is one of the most common condiments – Narsharab, pomegranate juice boiled down.

However, most pomegranate the fruits are eaten fresh. What influenced this tradition? Maybe the fact that the pomegranate is arranged difficult, and one of the easiest things to prepare from it is juice? By the way, one of the legends about this fruit States that of seeds inside a pomegranate exactly three hundred and sixty five days a year. And, although such an assumption of interest, is there a “leap” grenades, long ago proved that actually grains in the garnet is much more: from four hundred to a thousand.

Many faces, very helpful and incredibly tasty fruit – the pomegranate is actually a berry, and watermelon, and melon.

In cooking it is used not only as part of meals, but also as original additions. Very nice looking dishes, mostly salads, decorated with pomegranate grains. Many may ask, is it possible to have the seeds of pomegranate . The answer to this question can be only one: you! Moreover, those people who eat a pomegranate with seeds . not only get pleasure from the taste of pomegranate, but also many useful substances that are contained in the bones. For example, the Chinese do consider pomegranate seeds, pounded with sugar, a wonderful way to maintain male power.

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